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I started out working in local restaurants and worked my way up to executive chef for the world's largest food service company. Later, I moved from cutting board to keyboard to help the industry I love grow from behind the scenes.

A creative approach to problem solving has always been something I enjoy. In many ways I relate working in a busy kitchen to being a designer. Organization, imagination, collaboration and presentation are present in both worlds.

No matter where you are, I believe you're strongest when surrounded by a great team. Mahna Creative allows me to work with some of the most talented people in this industry and I'm excited to share our strengths with you.

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Alphonse, of 84 Design, is a talented freelance graphic designer based in Boston, Massachusetts. His personal and passionate approach to design is what puts him at the top of our list when we need anything from icons to illustrations to murals.
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Ilana, of The Mini Marketer, is an expert in digital marketing based in Connecticut. She excels at developing marketing strategies that get real results, which is why she's our go when we need to optimize social platforms in order to meet client goals.
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