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Website Design and Development

A beautiful website is more than just looks. Creating a site that allows customers to engage is the key to success. If you already have a website and it needs a refresh, an SEO boost or just some tidying up, we can help with that too.

At Mahna, our goal is not to drop a website in your lap and say good-bye, nor is it our plan to charge massive fees to maintain your website on a monthly or yearly basis. When building your website, we work with our clients every step of the way to make sure they feel comfortable taking ownership of their new website once it is complete. We take great pride in creating a "turn-key website" for you and your business, but of course are always here for help.

Website Services:

- Responsive Design (computer, tablet and mobile ready sites)
- Content Management
- Site Analysis (user experience and design evaluation)
- User Strategy
- Professional Images and Photography
- Custom Graphics

Brand Growth

Your brand should leave a lasting impression. Consistency in color, typography and design are equally as important as your brands voice, story and values. Brands are not just for big corporations, having a great small business brand is essential to growth and customer retention.

Part of creating a brand is also developing a strong logo. There are many schools of thought as to what a logo should be. The truth is, a great logo is a highlight of the brand and represents knowledge of the industry and the social environment. Consider how your logo will be shown on social media, in emails, on merchandise and all things print and digital.

Branding Services:

- Brand/Industry Research and Development
- Brand Identity
- Rebranding
- Style Guide
- Social Media Packages
- Logo Packages
- Brand Associations

Digital Marketing

In today's world of digital marketing  your brand or website can see new heights with the use of social media and other digital marketing tools. Together we can build a cohesive marketing campaign that engages users and creates loyal customers.

Understanding how website content and keywords affect how your business shows up in search engine results can be a major factor in finding new customers and clients.

Marketing Services

- Marketing Campaigns and Calendars
- Copywriting
- Analytics and Web Solutions
- Email Marketing
- Animation and Motion Graphics for Advertising
- Social Media Marketing